Geography Overview

Kingdom of Vesper

The Kingdom of Vesper is comprised of 3 geographical areas: The Sterile Sands in the west, Magna’s Lawn in the east, and the Magna Mountains separating the two. It is a harsh land, and its people – which are primarily humans, dwarves and gnomes – value hard work and perseverance. King Simon Rex IV oversees the land.

Sterile Sands

The Sterile Sands stretch from the Magna Mountains all the way to the western shores of Vesper. The settlements here are few and far between, and the people who reside in them are nomadic and tough, as is often required for desert life. There are a few dock towns along the coasts, and a larger city in the very center of the desert. This city houses the Vesper Mint, which makes most of the coins for the entire continent. There is a large trade route, dubbed the “River of Refinement”, that travels between this city and the Magna Mountains, taking raw materials one way and freshly minted coins the other way.

Magna Mountains

The Magna Mountains is an enormous mountain range that stretches from the north shore of Vesper all the way to the south. The largest peak extends over 6 miles into the air, with the average mountain sitting at about 4 miles. Because of the extreme height of the range, many of the rainclouds are preventing from journeying west, resulting in the desert on one side of the mountains and the fertile land on the other. Mount Magnus, an active volcano located on the eastern side of the range, is a large city that houses many of the land’s dwarves and gnomes.

Magna’s Lawn

Magna’s Lawn represents all of the land between the Magna Mountains and the Sea of Horses. This is a lush, lively grassland that loses some of its liveliness the further it gets from the mountains themselves, due in large part to the numerous rivers that run off the mountains themselves and the frequent rain in the area. The city of Riverlake sits squarely in the middle of the Lawn, where the Magna River meets Quiet Flume Lake.

Sea of Horses

The Sea of Horses serves as a natural split between Vesper and Aurora, and is a large expanse of sea about 100 miles long with several smaller islands located in it. Both of the shores of the sea have defenses set up on them, to protect one side of the continent from the inhabitants of the other. These defenses are particularly strong along the north and south straits.

Auroran Republic

The Auroran Republic has 4 distinct areas in its borders: The Sylvan Sod in the west, which eventually turns into Daryen Forest and then ends at the Shifting Range. Avi Island lies off the eastern coast of the continent, officially under rule of the Republic but for the most part it governs itself. Compared to Vesper, the Auroran people live a relaxed lifestyle and focus more on the arts and magic than on struggling to survive. The land is largely comprised of humans, elves and halflings. A council of mages rules the land.

Sylvan Sod

The Sylvan Sod is the entire area between the Sea of Horses and the Daryen Forest. There is a small, mostly uninhabited stretch of land in the western section of the Sod accounting for nearly 1/3rd of the entire area. The rest of the land is extremely lush, arable land. The Sod is also home to Stir Peak, a towering, dormant volcano that rises alone with no surrounding mountains. It was named so because of the stirring and shaking that would emanate from it in the past, but no such stirring has occurred in recent history.

Daryen Forest

The Daryen Forest, which starts at the base of the Shifting Range and extends for many miles to the west, is a long stretch of dense forest. The height of the forest’s canopy varies across the land, but on average it is several hundred feet off the ground, with some areas reaching much higher. The tallest tree in the forest resides in the elven city of Mur’Rideau, and is just under a mile high. There are several other settlements all throughout the forest. Few of them are inhabited primarily by elves, but there are plenty of human settlements, especially toward the outskirts of the forest itself.

Shifting Range

The Shifting Range is a long range of mountains that reaches from the northern-most to the southern-most shore of Aurora. It was named such because, as legend has it, there used to be frequent earthquakes all along the range, but they have subsided and in recent history none have occurred. One of the most notable areas of the mountains is a settlement high atop one of the tallest cliffs, used by scholars and priests alike to study the heavens and perform experiments.

Avi Island

Avi Island is the eastern-most land on Aurora, and on Dormia as a whole. As a land, it is roughly half rocky terrain and half lush greenery and trees. The inhabitants of the island live very peaceful, rich lives, and crime on the island is nearly unheard of. While they are officially under rule of the Auroran Republic, they mostly keep to themselves and simply pay tribute to the Republic whenever necessary.

Geography Overview

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