Known Cities


The capital of the Kingdom of Vesper, Riverlake sits squarely in the center of Magna’s Lawn, where the Magna River meets Quiet Flume Lake. King Simon Rex IV resides in Riverlake, which serves as the center of trade for the entire kingdom. The River of Refinement typically stops their march here, dropping off the majority of their coin and allowing it to be spread through trade. The city itself has dozens of major trade routes into and out of the city, going to many of the towns and villages that dot the Lawn’s landscape, as well as back to the mountains. A few even make their way to Aurora, by way of several rivers that reach all the way to the Sea of Horses.

Mount Magnus

Located inside of an active volcano, Mount Magnus is home to the large majority of gnomes and dwarves in Vesper. Combining the flow of lava with arcane magic has resulted in many strange sights to be found within the city limits.

Mint City

Mint City was built in the middle of the Sterile Sands as a defensive measure, as it houses both the Vesper Mint and the Bank of Vesper. The River of Refinement, the land’s largest and most well-protected trade route, runs from Mint City to Riverlake. All of the country’s official gold is minted in Mint City.

Sulta Ixen

Loosely translates to “Fire’s End”, Sulta Ixen is situated on the southwestern peninsula of Vesper, on the edge of the desert. It pays tribute to Mint City and is ruled by the Nile family, and has been for several generations.

Kittiwake’s Edge

Located on the eastern side of the Shifting Range, this is a quaint town with a tight community that welcomes tourists all throughout the year. It is an extremely anti-magic town that is run by Mayor Michael Winters.


The city of elves, Mur’Rideau is located in the heart of the Daryen Forest. It is built among the trees, with sturdy bridges connecting areas of the city together. Toward the center of the city is the Stallion of the Forest, a gargantuan tree that reaches nearly a mile into the air.


A small village on the western border of the Daryen Forest, run by Mayor Vurnor Leng. Oakhurst is situated along the main road that connects the forest and the Shifting Range to the rest of Aurora, and is self-sustaining thanks to the surrounding farmland.

Shahz Inem

A small city located in southern Sterile Sands, mere miles from the Magna Mountains. Shahz Inem pays tribute to Sulta Ixen, and as such is indirectly ruled by Mint City.


Home to the Thalos Cathedral, Skyhammer is a small city situated within a mile-wide crater in the southeastern section of the Sylvan Sod. It acts as the heart of the Thalosian religion as well as an enormous mine of a deep blue ore found nowhere else in the world.

The Auroran Trifecta

The 3 distinct cities that make up the Auroran capital are collectively referred to as “The Auroran Trifecta”. Their individual names are Trabem, Hastile, and Radio. The leaders of each of the cities sit on the Auroran Council, which governs the entire land.

Known Cities

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