Sleeping Giants

Ana's Needle

You’re taking a breather with your newfound… let’s call them companions. You’re staying alert, as you are wont to do, keeping one eye on your surroundings and one on your “companions”. You occasionally give a tug on the rope so Boopagroot doesn’t forget who the boss is.

Now that you’re finally sitting still, you notice a slight movement in your robes, as if one of your belongings is shifting without your meaning it to. You dump one of your pouches out and immediately notice the unbendable needle. You’re not even sure why you still keep it around, perhaps because it signifies being the star pupil in all of your classes. Perhaps because it reminds you of the man you once looked up to. The man whose true name you never even learned.

You’re interrupted mid-speculation by the needle taking on a life of its own. You hold it between your thumb and index finger and watch as it slowly rotates such that the tip is pointing to the north-west, and down toward the ground at a steep angle. You inspect it closer and can see a faint blackness emanating from it. The needle holds steady, seeming to point you in the direction of… something.


NickJVaccaro NickJVaccaro

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