Sleeping Giants

Jordan's Journal

Week 1

- Spent the travel to Oakhurst pondering Thalos and his redemption of the Abyss, his fight for Erathis against the legions of demons and fiends that roamed the world. Wondered how I could attain that level of power, honor and respect. Will pray on it.

- Arrived in Oakhurst in order to find Timbers, another acolyte on her initiation mission. She was sent here to root out an evil presence, as I was sent to retrieve her or her remains. No telling what else I’ll find here, as there’s not an affluent part of this place to hold proper court. But no sign of Timbers as of yet. I will ask around, after I investigate the strange scuffling I hear outside on the street…

- Evil was found and slain earlier today on the main street of Oakhurst. Goblins, led by a pack leader. They stink of filth and vinegary brine. I’m sorry to my hammer that it had to touch that pustule flesh, but that’s why it, and I, exist in this world. My threads were torn in the scuffle, and will need to be resewn. Aside from the goblins, I met, reluctantly, a ragged band of creatures who seem to follow the smell of gold. If civilization were a body, then they are surely the grimy fingers reaching into a coin purse and the silver tongue distracting the mind from the act. It seems our destinies are meant to entwine, as Vurnor Leng has asked us to root out a further unknown evil and find two siblings along the path of the Old Road, the same road Erki has likely taken. I must speak with the Erathian priest soon, to inquire further of Erki’s path.

Thieves and goblins aside, it was made plain to me that the mayor was dealing economically with goblins, and the stench of evil hung heavy in the room as we spoke. Vurnor is a handsome man, but his moral weakness is plain, his demeanor weak. He is not evil, merely stupid. In the end and to his credit he has agreed to work with Skyhammer to provide us with goblin savages in exchange for a paltry amount of Ore for each goblin found and sent to us. I will speak with my father upon my return, in an attempt to send a guardian to Oakhurst to both protect this new supply line and facilitate more goblins for the mines. This fortuitous meeting with Vurnor may help me curry favor with my grandfather as well as expand the Good of Thalos and help grow the influence of Skyhammer.

Tertiarially, I’ve come across a red-skinned creature in the goblin scuffle in the street. She smells of darkness and murky swamp, but does not appear fiendish or devilish to my holy vision. She, if in fact it is a “she,” does not appear to be of this plane, composed instead of shadowstuff in human form. I will need to consult the Church when I return to Skyhammer. I do not trust her. I do not trust any of them, save for the girl, Lyla, whose brother has been lost to some mystery and whom I have pledged to help find. Thalos and Erki come first, and then Lyla’s sibling.

May Thalos Guide Me.


NickJVaccaro Jordan_Steingard

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