Sleeping Giants

Jordan's Journal - Second Entry

Week 1

- Awoke before dawn when the fingers of Erathis stretched out from the sun. I meditated and prayed for the hour of worship to Thalos, the First General, and then exercised my physical vessel to keep strong and prepare for the day ahead. The others spent the remainder of their night before drinking themselves into sickness, and so the young Lyla was a bit ill when I knocked at dawn to awaken her and summon her downstairs to break the night’s fast. All of them were struck ill from the drink. If I’m going to take charge of this band of miscreants then it seems I will need to be even more vigilant than I first suspected.

- The morning’s meal was paid for by the town’s own coffers, which is all the better as the evil grown from the deal with the goblins carries a large debt. Paying our wages in accoutrement is a start. I do not require wage, as Skyhammer supplies it for my Thalosian service, but helping to ease the preparation for questing is appropriate.

- The Erathian priestess, Dem Nackle, at the small Temple in Oakhurst was of no help in finding Erki Timbers, and of little aid in reaching a conclusion about the origin of the goblins’ apples of healing. She seemed… slightly agitated, perhaps worried, at my relaying to her that Skyhammer will not be pleased that Oakhurst’s elites are dealing with goblins in heretical magic. That all of it stinks. I cannot tell if she agreed with my true statement, but the fact that she did not immediately agree with me is worrisome, and may point to some guilt.

- Half a day on the Old Road to the north, the group of us crossed an old stone bridge and came upon a dead horse on the side of the path, lay decaying in a ditch. Mostly bone, some sinew left on the frame. None of us could piece together what had killed it. Further down the road we were ambushed by half-a-dozen twig blights; halfling-sized constructs of wooden undergrowth, first invoked by the vampire lord Golthia, long since killed. This ambush may foretell a greater evil ahead, perhaps undead if the blights are any indication.

- The red-skinned creature, “Ana”, has taken a liking to one of the foul blights and fashioned a collar of hempen rope, which she uses to direct its motions. She does not radiate evil, but her actions at times bring me to the brink of nausea. I need more eyes in my head to watch all of these people at once, the depravity is astounding.

- We soon came upon a long and wide ravine, carved into the earth by Thalos knows what, at the depth of which stood the remains of some ancient tower. After a descent on rope attached to a derelict pillar, we dispatched a small huddle of large rodents, before delving further toward the tower, descending a winding stone stair path which ended at the base. The door opened into a room with decaying goblins littering the floor within, and one stuck to the far wall with a javelin impaled through its chest. Behind its suspended body was writing on the wall in a script I do not recognize. The sorceress took an interest in it, so it may be in the draconic script, though I cannot know for certain. Soon we will plumb the depths and halls of this tower, and hopefully uncover the whereabouts of Lyla’s brother, and of my fellow Acolyte Erki Timbers.

May Thalos Protect Me


NickJVaccaro Jordan_Steingard

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