Sleeping Giants

Jordan's Journal - Third Entry

Dungeon Day One

- The stench of evil is thick and foul in this place. It drips from the ceilings and runs in the mold in the stone cracks. It is difficult to tell friend from foe here, the sensations that crawl in my skin are unending. Hair on my neck is perpetually standing. The elusive man, Ford, opened a door to a small room, like an alcove, and the red-skin Ana entered, which awoke undead evil in the room itself. They inhabited long-dead bodies that rose from the floor, and we dispatched them, but not before our flesh and banners were torn. We are here, at least. We have found the den of evil, and it must be cleansed. Timbers must be here, deeper within the stinking halls.

- Further within, we found a small creature, evidently called a “Kobold”, a descendant of dragons. It was curled and terrified, and has lost the focus of its charge, an actual dragon, from the cage in the same room. We have learned from this Kobold that there are three factions in this haven of evil: Goblins, Kobolds, and the unknown. We have agreed to follow the path toward the dragon, and both my hope and my focus are on finding Erki. Strange symbols line the walls, evidently in the draconic script. The thieving Nil had to remove herself from the hall interiors to regain her composure in the fresh air of the outside world, otherwise she would have been able to shine light on their translations. Not sure if she’s a coward, or merely morally inept, but I will press on. This band needs leading, that much is clear. Each one of them lacks a center to hold them. No discipline. No moral grounding. I will not instill it in them, but I will corral them so they do not lead themselves to slaughter, and I with them.

- We have come to a door with a strange skeletal dragon etched above it, and an inscription that reads from my studies at seminary. It is a Psalm that instructs one of a holy order to turn a creature of the undead in order to proceed through the door. I am not yet of strong enough will to do so, so I must find another way through. Ana has possession of a steel needle which, evidently, points its way to a creature, or a human, or some other entity of unknown interest, and Lyla combined this possession with an arcane incantation that confirmed this. The needle is pointing beyond the door.

- We are awaiting Nil’s return from outside before deciding whether to rest quietly, or soldier on, both of which have their problems. We will see. I will exercise my vessel and pray to Thalos and Erathis for guidance and protection. My shield and hammer need cleaning.

Thalos steel my shield arm.
Erathis lead me back to the arms of civilization.


NickJVaccaro Jordan_Steingard

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