(DECEASED) Kobold Clan Leader


Female Kobold, ?? years old.


“Zu’u aak hi.”


Yusdrayl was the leader of the kobold tribe, and easily the most intellectual of the bunch, even though that intellect did not go far among more learned people.

Game 3

Yusdrayl agreed to allow the heroes safe passage through her territory of the fortress, and offered a reward if they bring back Calcryx, the dragon stolen by the nearby goblin tribe. She was also able to provide information about the people that the party has been hired to find, and pointed the heroes in the same direction as those who have gone MIA.

Game 7

After the release of Calcryx by the heroes, Yusdrayl became furious with them because the dragon slew several of her underlings as it escaped the citadel. Shortly thereafter she was confronted by Stratton, and immediately attempted to capture/kill him. Another portion of her army was destroyed in the ensuing battle, but Yusdrayl survived. She stationed several of her men on guard duty, to alert her if the group returned.

Game 8

After the party recuperated outside of the fortress, they returned and engaged in a bloody bottlenecked battle that resulted in all of Yusdrayl’s forces being defeated, and she herself was killed by a mighty blow from Jordan Steingard’s Skyhammer. May she rot in all 9 of the hells.


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