Sunless Citadel Leader


Female Kobold, ?? years old.


“Zu’u aam Nil ahrk nid.”


Zelda is the leader of the kobolds that inhabit the Sunless Citadel. She was promoted to the lofty ranks of leadership by Nil after an unprecedented act of bravery.

Game 31

Upon Nil’s arrival back at the Sunless Citadel, Zelda informed her that she led a group of the kobolds to retake the Citadel’s basement, and successfully defeated the one remaining foe – a fire snake that was residing there. They kept the snake’s treasure horde for Nil, and Zelda gave it to her. In return, Nil gave Zelda a large diamond that the previous kobold ruler, Yusdrayl, possessed. Zelda was very thankful to Nil.


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