Sleeping Giants

Intro Cinematic

Oakhurst, The First Sighting

We see a large, dimly lit study with a single window that opens out into darkness. Seated at a large desk, carved from onyx, is an elven man with deep black skin and stark white, flowing hair. He is hunched over the desk in his chair, intently scribbling something. Any noise he would be making is drowned out by a constant, deep humming sound, like that of heavy machinery.

Suddenly, a small orb lying on the desk erupts in blue light. Alarmed, the man stops what he’s doing and looks over at the orb, then directly forward, his eyes narrowing. He pushes away from the desk and stands, hurriedly rushing to a doorway on the other side of the room, his dark blue robes trailing behind him. He pauses briefly, and yells something out, but it’s inaudible over the loud hum filling the room. He takes a deep breath, reaches for a long golden staff leaning on the wall next to him, and steps through the doorway into darkness.

Back at the desk, we can now see the map he was copying, a map of Dormia. It is written in a foreign language and is covered in a series of differently colored symbols and runes. As we get closer and closer to the map, we can make out a small black x at the western edge of the Daryen Forest, directly over a small village. Strangely, the name of the village is written in common, and it reads, “Oakhurst, The First Sighting”.

Welcome to Sleeping Giants.


NickJVaccaro NickJVaccaro

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